Done with my Pizza Themed Landing Page

Here’s a preview of what it looks like on a 1024 width laptop… you can check it out fully on codepen through this link: Product Landing Page (fCC) (

This is the most challenging website I’ve built as of yet and I’m sure there are other websites that are at a higher level than this.

I’ve learned so much on building this (to my surprise, it took me less than a week to build) which is why I am eager to take on websites that are far more challenging than this.

What do you think? I could say that I should improve on the layout with regards to CSS, I can see Grid here being useful… (Also I already passed this project, did some minor changes to pass the tests).

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This looks great on the basis of time you took to build this website.
Only change I would suggest is to make the color of your website a bit balanced and insert some better pictures of products. Otherwise, It’s great effort.

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Super cool!!! Great job

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