Don't Understand VueJS Compatibility

So, I built two sites with vuejs. One is and the other is

I have an old iPhone running ios7. But only the runs on that phone and the other doesn’t. No difference between them. Except one uses bootstrap and the other uses css.

If anyone needs the git repos, they are private but I will share them when someone asks to prevent open access.


Is it the bootstrap or the raw CSS site not working on ios7? If it’s the latter, you need to fix your CSS to be portable. Adding something like postcss into the pipeline ought to do the job.

If it’s javascript that’s failing, then your ios7 device needs a polyfill library like core-js. I develop a Vue site and it works all the way back to iOS 5, but not without lots of polyfilling.

Thank You for your response. But, the issue I am facing is that on iOS 7, the page does load but only the background color and that is it for devnanseltic. While, the nanoeducation site fully loads on iOS7. Both sites are built with the same vue version number.

The only difference is that the devnanseltic uses firebase while the nanoeducation doesnt?

What errors is it giving you? You need to connect the phone to a debugger (Safari on a Mac is best but Chrome or FF will work fine), and look at what that is saying. If the only difference is Firebase then yes you could make the assumption that that is the likely culprit, but you need to look at what the errors say.

Thanks for the response. I will do that as soon as possible. I was thinking of that, but wanted to see if anyone had experienced it before.

So I was able to connect my phone, and the error I am getting is:

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: IDBIndex.

No UI gets displayed on the phone. All elements are loading and all assets/files are being brought in through the network tab.