iOS 7 Compatibility Issues

Issue Explanation

So, I am developing applications for personal use and need the usage of it on a device running iOS 7. So, I have tried using Firebase to get the data, it works on Google Chrome (on my development) machine. But when I load the same site on the phone, it doesn’t load the data that needs to fetched.

What I’ve Tried

  • Switching from Firebase to getting data from a simple API such as the jsonplaceholder one.
  • Connecting to Safari Inspector on Mac to see potential console errors.


These sites do not even load a page. They just show a background color

This site loads, and shows simple HTML Markup, but doesnt show the required data.

All applications have one single goal project to build.


  • Ignore any firebase permission errors that may display, temporarily disabled them to prevent and issues that may arrise.
  • The GitHub Repo’s are private.

I hope this issue can be solved pretty quickly so my worry level can go down.


You might need to use polyfill/compatibility shims

Hey Thanks for the suggestions!

Would you know a tutorial that I could follow? Read or Watch.

Or have a suggestion for where I might want to start from?


You don’t always need a tutorial. Search for the issue and try some of the different things that pop up in your search. Test them and see what works. I have never tried to add polyfills to React or Vue so I can’t give you any actual directions.