[Help] Debugging website on iOS

If anyone happens to have a Mac computer, could you help me debug my weather web app project on iOS devices?

That’s the link to the project:

Here how it looks on Android devices:

After you open the website on iOS devices, the static layout display is ok, but after you change your location, it doesn’t add the info that was supposed to add (using jQuery .append if I correctly recall)

I can’t debug because you need a Mac to open dev tools and debug the website opened at a iOS device… what I need is, the error displayed on the JS console, if any.

Latest Safari on macOS and iOS both run the site without error. Nothing came up in the console when I changed location and it all seemed to append just fine.

If you’re using ES6, even something as simple as an arrow function, you’ll run into problems with older versions of Safari.

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Thanks for the feedback, I use iOS 11.2.1, it’s not the latest, so it might be some compatibility problem due to my safari Version, I’m going to debug trough trial and error…