Anyone else having problems with code on Safari?

I wanted to ask if anyone else has been having trouble with their code on Safari?

I was plowing through the challenges on Chrome and thought everything was good. Decided I might want to start looking at my code on other browsers. Everything works on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox but Safari had a problem with almost all my pens. Was able to fix some of it but not all of it.

I’ve since read a little about this and Safari doesn’t have compatibility with a lot of what I thought were pretty basic features (like even Bootstrap?), and in some cases you need to use Polyfills and in other cases you need to transpile with Babel.

Has anyone else experienced this? How’d you handle it?

Are you on Windows using Safari for Windows by any chance? If so, Apple no longer supports it. The latest version is from 2012 - hence incompatible with many many features implemented in the past 6 years.


I never use Safari, usually just Chrome, but was just checking how my pens look on it since other people use it.

Safari version 8.0.5. Might be pretty ancient.

If you are using Bootstrap version 3, I would not expect it to be a problem. Version 4 takes advantage of new features available, so it could have some issues. Can you provide a link to a few of the pens you see that do not look right on Safari? We can look at the features used and let you know if this is a browser specific issue or not.

Thanks for that offer.

Like I said, I managed to fix most of the stuff. It was just a surprise that every time everything worked fine on every other browser and then I’d check Safari and there was always a problem.

I got my Camper Leaderboard to work in Safari fine with a fetch Polyfill and by using Babel, but the console is still throwing errors.

And my portfolio page is all twisted up on Safari, which might be Bootstrap4.

Safari 8 is definitely ancient: features. For years I was primarily a Safari user just so I could catch bugs and let other people know to use polyfills/Babel.