Question about Safari compatibility

I’ll make this quick - I’m just starting out at FCC, and loving it so far. My question is this - How often does one run into issues with your code totally spazzing out on different browsers, specifically Safari? I ask because I’m on a Windows 10 PC, and of course don’t have access to the most up to date version of Safari…well, at least that I know of.

If I’m going to get myself out of the dead end job I’m in now, and into something where I’m putting the skills I’m learning here to good use, I would think it would make sense for me to be able to put out a product that works well across as many platforms as I can make it. I may be looking at getting a new laptop, and if it may be best for me to get a Mac so I have access to more testing platforms, that’s a consideration I’ll take into account. After all, if all I’m doing is coding, it’s not like I need a $2500 15" MBP with retina display. An inexpensive as it may be one would work, I think.