Cross-browser + cross-platform portfolio projects?

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been working on a web app to start building up my portfolio, and it’s been running great over the past couple of months… on Windows Chrome and Firefox. However, I’ve just tested my project on my friends Mac, and it seemed to fall apart in iOS both on Chrome and Safari.

I’ve also just come to the realization that a lot of hiring managers/engineers on hiring committees probably use a Mac. Uh-oh… I don’t have Mac, so I can’t really test for bugs for iOS users…

Am I killing my chances of being hired by not optimizing my web app for iOS users? How does this reflect on my portfolio? I would prefer not to dish out on buying a Mac just for testing purposes - but, is this inevitable as someone pursuing web development as a profession? Should I just bite the bullet, sell a kidney and buy one now?

Well, chrome should behave similar across OS but this is bound to happen.

Regarding the MacOs issue, we have following options;

  • Use emulator in chrome devtools
  • Use older version of Safari on Windows
  • Use some on-line browser testing/screen-shot tools

How reliable are the online browser/OS testing tools? For the most part, they’re paid tools. I’m paranoid that since they’re not the actual setup a user would be running, but rather an emulation of that setup, debugging using these tools would not necessarily equate to debugging all of the issues iOS users would have with my app.

You are right, but we don’t have any choice other than listed above. :neutral_face:

I guess the question is, should I:

  • Hope that Chrome runs my app consistently across OS, and forget about supporting Safari in hopes that hiring managers are more lenient on prospective junior developers cross-browser optimization efforts.

  • Subdue to my paranoia and pay for an online emulator tool or buy a Mac to have full control over my projects cross-compatibility.

What would you do?

I follow the first routine and i believe most of web developers do with one addition: If you have doubt about the specific browser feature do use some shim/shiv/polyfill for it.