What's the best cross browser testing tool?

Hi all,

I’m interested to know the best cross browser testing tools out there (at a good price).

So far I have used:

  • Browser Stack: great tool but expensive!
  • Lambda Test: Similar to Browser Stack but a bit slower. OK price point.
  • Cross Browser Testing - not as feature rich as the others, and quite buggy when using various browser set ups + expensive too!

Basically, I love the features of the two above, where you can select a variety of browsers and operating systems to test a website. I’m just curious if anyone has used other tools and if so, what are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Those are the best options but, IMO, I don’t think it is justified.

Today, Safari is the most problematic browser, since every other browser is based on a common engine (Webkit, Gecko/Quantum, etc.). It wouldn’t be so problematic if we could test it without owning a Mac/iPhone!

So, my suggestions (based on my experience):

  • I suppose you already know this, but using the responsive view on Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Edge almost always ensures that the mobile version looks exactly like it’s shown.

  • You should get a cheap/old iPhone model (5s or the oldest long term support). If your website looks fine, usually on Mac will too. On the other hand, if you can afford it, get a Mac (a friend, share screens, etc.) just for testing. With a Mac you could test the mobile too without a phone.

  • A reset CSS is a must too, since they usually remove inconsistencies among different browsers.

  • You can have virtual machines with the OSs you need (this is what I do). You can install Linux and Windows (you require a valid license to install it on a VM, but you can find some cheap keys) and Mac on a VM (hackintosh), though it’s illegal if the hardware is not a Mac.

We should push apple (change.org?) to provide a way to allow developers to test websites on their browsers.

I hope this helps you a little :slight_smile:,


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Thanks for the response, that’s really helpful.

I like the idea of installing a VM and running older versions of operating systems and browsers. Obviously it takes a bit more work to setup, but at least it is free.

The main issues I’ve come across are usually to do with CSS inconsistencies (ie) flexbox and JS issues (ie) ES6 and other bits that require polyfills.

With the paid tools, it just makes life easier to whip up a test in XYZ browser… Obviously I wouldn’t pay for it myself, so it would be more to find out what is best for the price and then to talk to my boss.

Thanks again for the input.

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Hi Jack,

Recently, I also faced the same problem. Now there is a new tool for cross-browser web testing Comparium (https://comparium.app). Perhaps at this stage of its development it does not have such wide functionality as other services, but in general, it works pretty well for its price. Anyway, I advise you to try.

I hope my reply isn’t too late for you:)