Where to check for browser compatibility

Does anyone know of an app or website where I can check the browser compatibility of one of my sites? I only have Chrome and Safara in my laptop and I honestly don’t want to install IE and Firefox.

I need to check the compatibility for the latest versions of the browsers mentioned above. Any help is greatly appreciated.

edit: I found www.browserling.com, how reliable is this website for cross-browser testing?

Browserling is fine for testing IE11, but it charges for anything else. If you won’t install the browsers there are a fair few services like browserling, but they’ll all charge as well; just shop around for ones with free trials I guess.

I tested some things on browserstack and so far it has been free, but I am not sure how reliable it is

I thought you have to pay after the free trial expires?

I have only used it a few times so maybe I am still on the trial period. I don’t remember making an account though

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