Safari and codepen

I’m trying to fix some issues with my project that a friend brought to my attention but I can’t even get codepen to load correctly in Safari. This is what I get, everything is all garbled. So then I can’t even fix my issues. Does anyone know how to fix this??
Oh, I am using Windows 10 and Safari from 2012 since there is no newer version (gee, thanks Apple :frowning: )

There’s no way to fix that. That’s a very old version of Safari and a lot of the code that Codepen uses in their site is not compatible that far back. Use a new version of Chrome or Firefox. I haven’t tried but Firefox seems to have had some very good updates recently and has some pretty stellar developer tools too. Chrome does too. Pick one.

I’m actually just curious though… why use an old version of Safari like that?

Thet’s a very old browser, changing that to a new browser is the best way to solve this issue .I prefer Firefox or Firefox developer edition .

I know, very old browser. Very disappointed Apple hasn’t updated it for windows, if they have I can’t find it.

The only reason for Safari is that someone looked at my portfolio on their mac and said there was a formatting issue. I can’t see it on chrome or the others.

Maybe someone here can tell me what’s up??

It’s currently not tablet friendly.

It’s hard for me to tell you if there’s any kind of formatting issue… but here are some screenshots. I have Safari 11.0.3. Don’t know what your friend uses… could be different.

I don’t know what exactly she is using either apparently.
I guess I’ll just work on finishing it.

Thanks for your help.

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