Doubt about the legacy courses

Are the courses listed in the “Explore our Legacy Curriculum” section, such as the ‘Legacy Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification,’ still active?
I mean, are certifications still being offered for them? I ask because there’s a new Beta JavaScript course that appears at the top of the fCC homepage.
If I complete one of these legacy courses, will I receive that certificate?

If you select a legacy course you will see this message

No, there is no certificate for them anymore

That said, you can always do the legacy content to learn and the just go into the new beta version to complete the projects.

4 out of the 5 projects in the new beta version are the same as the ones in the old version. And I believe it’s still the case that you just need to complete the projects in order to get the certificate.

But if you go to the Legacy JavaScript Certification, it still shows that the certificate can be claimed. So, is it a lie?