Download projects from course

Hello there!
I’m currently going through the new HTML-CSS course and I was wondering if there is a way to download the different projects you work on?
It would be really helpful to have these in my learning folder, so I can look up things whenever I have to. I guess if there isn’t an intended way I will just copy + paste them but it would definitely be a nice thing to have :slight_smile:

why don’t you take it as a chance to learn to google the stuff you want to check on?

I mean, instead of referencing the projects you can Google the things you don’t know

You can find the code of the practice projects in the codebase

Oh sorry, we were completely talking past one another then :smiley:
Yes, I already do my research on google but I want to save my projects just in case when I don’t exactly find what I need and I also think it’s nice to have all of your projects saved as it allows you to look back at how and what you learned after a few years :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help :heart:

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