Where can I download project done by other people? (For learning purpose)

I want to download some other people’s work. So I can open them in atom and see how the coding works and how to organise different folders in the project and stuff. It is not for commercial usage. I just want to study them. Also I do not want codepen project. I wanna move on to real world programming. Like you create a folder, and inside it has everything you created, your css file, your html file, all the images and icons and stuff. Then you open the whole folder in atom, boom, the whole project is right there in front of you.

I want some "complex " project. Not just a tribute page or personal portfolio page (If it is, I want a complicated one with all the animations and stuff.).

Put it in another word, I want to do some reverse engineering and study the code. I think I can improve this way.

Could you guys recommend me some website???

There is no better than GitHub. Download, modify, and break to your heart’s content.

I will try to find it… I am quite confused about how to use github…
Still need to learn.,…

Check out YouTube!

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If you really want to use github, the first thing you should do is install git. Once you have that installed, browse through GitHub for interesting repositories. When you find one you like the look of, make note of the URL. To copy it to your own machine open a command/terminal window and type git clone with the URL of the project followed by .git. For example, the below code will download a full stack app that I developed for a college project, place it in a directory called full_stack_app and open that directory.

git clone https://github.com/JavaTheNutt/serverside02.git full_stack_app && cd full_stack_app

Of course, you can always just download the project as a ZIP file, but everyone should be learning how to use git from the command line.

You need to make sure that either you use the terminal that comes pre-installed with git (git-bash) or that you modify your environment variables accordingly to use git from within CMD.

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@JavaTheNutt @PortableStick I will check it out!!! Thanks!!!