Dropbox Images_how to render image links visible to all in Codepen

Hello world!

In the portfolio section of my personal portfolio page: (link here: https://codepen.io/Eddie_Romans/full/OmYxaL/), I am using some screenshots of other pens that I have uploaded to Dropbox;

I guess that by being the “owner” of the link, the portfolio section makes the images visible to me, as I scroll down the page. However, by accessing the same page with my mobile phone, the link to the other projects stays there, but the images disappear.

I think it may be due to the fact that by changing device, the link to the dropbox is no longer valid.
So i think I may be the only one seeing those images. Any tips or suggestions to make those links accessible to all?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Dropbox supports public folders (viewable to anyone). You need to set the permissions on the folder.

I used DropBox for the city images in my weather app.

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Just upload your images to www.imgbb.com

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I have not used Dropbox for images, but postimage.io is really good! They provide a hotlink for websites, forums, etc… I usually just copy the image source url and use that in my pens.


Thank everyone! I’ll check the different options for sure :slight_smile:

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You can do it with Dropbox, if you want to stick with that. Check out this doc: https://www.dropbox.com/help/desktop-web/force-download

Thanks man! I just switched to www.imgbb.com, but i’ll give it a read in case I’ll find myself using Dropbox :wink:

Dropbox is bad for images because always disable any public content with big traffic.

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