Images from Dropbox or links from Web

I’ve READ. I’ve SEARCHED, and now I’m going to ASK…

I’m obviously doing something wrong! I have tried using links both from images I have in Dropbox and from links copied from the web (Wikipedia), In both cases I end up with the little blue square with the “?” in it instead of the image. I can, however, put the “Lazy Cat” in with no problem. However, as much as I like cats, I don’t want to make a tribute page to lazy cats!

That image was put in a special holding place for us. The things I have read so far about images indicate you need to put them somewhere before you use them. I guess drop box won’t work. So, is there a place in CodePen where I should store all of the images I intend to use on my tribute page?

If so, how do I put the images there and where do I get the links after I do?

Thanks in advance!

In case you’re using a shareable link from Dropbox, ensure that you replace the www in the link with dl, so it looks something like this -

This should work in codepen.

That works great! Thank you! Now what about creative commons images on the web where you can copy the link. How do you put them in. I couldn’t get the image I needed to work so that is why I imported it and put it into my dropbox. How can you avoid having to do all that work and go directly from the link you get from the web?