Here's my first project - the tribute page!:)

Hi guys,

I’d really appreciate any feedback and criticism on my first project. It’s not a tribute to a person but rather a cool book series.

Anyway feel free too send any pointers and anything I could have done more efficiently.

I have to still sort out the responsive design as I changed the layout a bit after I did all the media queries and now there are some issues for the smaller devices.

The link is below:

Cheers guys,


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nice work :slight_smile: I have a query about linking images to codepen. How you did it ? I am facing problem while linking wikipedia images and dropbox images.

Hi Sweta,

Thanks for the compliments. To use images in your workspace (notepad or codeine or other) into your you can right-click on an image and select ‘copy image address’ and paste that into the url part. I’m not sure how it works with Dropbox as I don’t use it.

Hope that helped~

Thank you so much :slight_smile: . One of the member helped me to sort out the issue.

I´m glad you got it sorted out:) would you mind posting the solution here for future reference please~

Yup I am telling you what I did.
Firstly I uploaded a picture on Dropbox.
there was a button “share” on the right hand side (it was getting displayed when I was hovering on the uploaded picture)

then click on that , you will get a modal

then click on the copy link

copy that link and place in your img tag in html or background:url() in css where ever you want…
just make a slight difference in your url instead of “www” write “'dl” just after http://
for example: instead of this
write this

I hope that would work for you too.
well, I hope this info could help you. Happy Coding :grinning:

Oh wow thank you so much for this!! :smiley:

@axerabbit tou are most welcome! :grinning: