Drowning in emails

Hi y’all

I have some questions for general people of the forum and also a few for the people who work for codecamp. (I’m going to do the codecamp ones first.)

Dear people who work for freecodecamp; why, oh why, am I receiving random emails from you without any warning? I don’t remember this ever being mentioned in the privacy policy and its kind of unsettling, plus my inbox is now overflowing with emails. I will condone that these emails are related to the topics I posted, but what doesn’t make sense to me is why you guys aren’t just answering them on the forum itself. Please explain this, like I said its kinda making me feel uncomfortable. (The reason why I’m so upset is that I share the email with another person, and they are now very confused.)


Hi Crow,

you can change the forum email settings under: profile > preferences > emails
If I am not mistaken these are just the default Disourse settings. (The forum software used here) Personally I also found them too much and reduced them to a setting I find more relevant.

please, don’t do two topics for the same topic, I don’t know where to put this forum, it can be both #support and #curriculum-help:certification-projects. You know what, I am splitting this up.

you can change how you get notifications for answers in the settings of the forum


You can adjust email notifications in your settings. It’s pretty common with forums that by default you get notifications on topics you started or participate in when you are logged out, but you can turn this off.

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