Forum is filling my inbox with unwanted notifications

Hello. This is my first post on the forum! The issue I’m having is that I am getting spammed by the forum in my inbox. I literally get a notification for every single post posted on the forum. I am getting like a thousand emails a day from free code camp forum notifying me about posts that I have nothing to do with. I don’t want to delete my account but I cannot fix this. I have never posted in this forum (before today) and I am getting flooded with forum emails. I cannot find my regular emails because there are literally thousands of emails from the forum that I have to go through to to find my other emails. is there a way to fix this? Or should I delete my account? Thanks! -Matt

Hi ArielLeslie, thanks for your reply! I have had my preferences set how you showed in your screen capture. However the email notifications have not stopped. I wonder if it’s some sort of back-end issue?

This is how my inbox looks now. It’s literally all forum posts for some reason.

Ooooooh. Those aren’t forum posts. They’re from GitHub. Those are notifications about Issues or PRs that you’ve created or commented on (unless GitHub has a “firehose” setting that got ticked in your account).

Okay thanks that helps! I’ll check to see what settings I have on there…

Yeah it was definitely on git hub. I had it set to watching, which will notify you of EVERYTHING. I changed it to not watching which only notifies you when you’re participating or mentioned. You can also change it to Ignore and will never notify you. FYI Thank you so much!!

Glad to help and super glad that you have control of your inbox again!