Newsletter re subscribe button doesn't work and I want to re subscibe

I have been signed up for your newsletters for a few months at least, and I was just trying to reach out and say I appreciate the effort you put into them, and I ACCIDENTALLY HIT THE UNSUBSCRIBE LINK.

I tried the RESUBSCRIBE LINK BUT IT DOESN’T WORK. I waited a few weeks to see if it got fixed, but it still doesn’t seem to work?

Can you please re-subscibe me manually?


Sue A

if you go in your settings in your freecodecamp curriculum account, can you resubscribe?

Thanks for the info!

I have the email list on now, but I think it is going to be more than what I really want. I just want to see the weekly emails Quincy Larson was sending me.

Sue Abramson

this is the setting for the weekly email, it’s just below where you can change your email address

Hi Magical Girl -

Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for, but I am still not seeing that…

I am going to the “profile” tab and selecting “SueA” and then the “Preferences” tab. I don’t see any thing like that on any of the preference pages, and I pretended to change my email address on the Account page (by clicking the edit icon) and it did not show there.

I have tried using both Safari and Chrome.

Sue A

those seems forum settings, instead you need to be in your curriculum account to do that, at

YAY! That seemed to work… but I don’t understand the difference between forum and cirriculum.

the forum is a separate account
there have just been a step to unify the things: now you can log in the forum with your freecodecamp account, but they are still separate

Yeah, I got Quincy’s email fresh off the press yesterday morning, so seems like I do have it set up now.