Earning Certification

Hi, I would really like to earn the certificate for the Front End Development Libraries course. I am working on the JavaScript calculator, and about half the time the tests pass with 16/16. However, sometimes I only get 14/16 because test 9 and 12 do not pass. When I enter them manually, it appears to work.

I’ve seen the known issues page and I have downgraded from React 18 to React 17 but I am still getting the same result.

Any advice on how to debug my issue would be greatly appreciated.

For the certification,
If I am sometimes getting 16/16, am I able to submit this project for the certification? Or does it need to be passing 100% of the time in order to earn the certification? I really want to earn it honestly.

My codepen is: Javascript Calculator (codepen.io)

Thanks for your time!

There working on this bug or issue with React and it should`nt have an effect on your test submission. Good luck

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I ran the test a number of times and it always passes for me. You should be fine to submit it.