Easy projects to do in JS?

Hello everyone. I am looking to get better at javascript, because I am currently quite bad.
I saw in the comments on another post that codewars was a good resource, it is but it is a little too difficult sometimes.
From experienced programmers, what is a good thing/technique to do for javascript beginners?

keep grinding at the hard but not impossible things till they click

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Try to figure out what you think you are “bad” at and try to improve that thing specifically.
Are you bad at problem solving/logic/algorithms? Do codewars or some other practice for problem solving. Maybe read a book on algorithms?
Do you not understand something specific like “this” or callbacks? Read documentation and look at examples.
Do you not get some syntax thing like arrow functions? Keep using them until they stick.

(I am still a beginner, but these are the things that I’m working on and how I’m approaching them.)

You will improve if you know what to work on. :slight_smile:

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The best projects to start in order to learn JS are those that make things appear or disappear on the screen, start working with events and the basics of DOM manipulation.

My first project did sound complex but I hacked away: a japanese kana quiz app with nothing but plain ol’ javascript, no frameworks or jquery to help me.

I found myself googling a lot but it paid off.