Educational and Chromebox

I am finding FreeCodeCamp to be a wonderful tool for my students, mostly because it is project-based.


I know you accept donations, but do you have educational plans? Looking for all options.

Also, IT is telling me we will be moving from Windows 7 to “Chromebox” next year. Any issues with using FCC on this format?

Please keep up the good work, this has been a godsend to us here in Colorado!


It’s FREE… so there are no plans.

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I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking about in terms of “educational plans”. If you mean a payment plan, then as @owel said, it’s free for anyone forever. No features are paywalled.

One thing I have seen brought up by educators is the desire to keep student accounts isolated and controlled (either because of FCC’s policy that students under 13 should not create accounts, or just to protect their students). This can be achieved by running your own version of FCC.

FCC doesn’t require users to do local development. All challenges can be completed by using online services like Glitch, CodePen, Heroku, AWS, etc. That means that switching to Chrome OS shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll still have a Chrome browser, which is the recommended way of accessing FCC.

P.S. - Hello fellow Coloradan.


Hello and thanks to all that responded. I was asking about educational plans because I’ll have a dozen or so students using your site this semester and in future semesters, and I will never ask them to donate. I’m just not sure how to repay you for this amazing website. I’m trying to secure a district-based donation, but if not I’ll give what I can. The project-based approach appeals to my students, and that’s half the battle. Thanks for everything.

Skipping the donation is always 100% ok. No one here will complain or judge. If your district is willing and able to make a donation, then an email will come from FCC at the end of the year for tax documentation. If you have more case-specific donation questions, it’s probably best to contact FCC runs not just on donations, but also on volunteers so if you and/or any of your students help fellow campers by contributing to the code or just answering questions here on the forum you’re still helping to give back to Free Code Camp and we appreciate it.

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