Need some general info about this CodeCamp

  1. Is this completely free? i mean do i have to pay for certification or a project to complete this one ? is the fee in USD ?
  2. Do I have to be from the US to be able to complete this the course?
  3. Can the complete course be completed on browser or do i need a special PC or need to install some specific tool to progress?

Thanks for the help

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  1. FCC is totally free.
  2. No, you can do it anywhere.
  3. Yeah I’ve done my 3 Front End certificates on Firefox.

Happy coding!

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Ok good to know, thanks

Free and global, but if you do a donation they will be really grateful (I mean, they are going because of donations!) but you don’t have to give any money, the whole of it is completely free, and you can do it completely on the browser, recommended google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, absolutely not compatible with Microsoft edge

If you want extra motivation or material there are also a FreeCodeCamp podcast, a FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel, and also a lot of articles published

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@ieahleen Thanks for all the info, this is a great place indeed!

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thank You so much i am also a new member , here

searching for this .

Ya happy coding !