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I’m studying Information systems technologies and programming at the university, but i feel like i’m still missing something regarding coding and i think the courses here would help me fill the void by getting more knowledge…

However, i still have some doubts, so if you guys could help me i would aprecciate.

1 - Do i have to attend online lessons or is autonomous study with documents that would eventually receive?

2 - Is it 100% free literally or do i still have to pay something in the end for instance?

3 - How is it with the tests and projects? Do i have to book a day or something for the tests for example? Could you guys give me more detailed information?

4 - I only have x days or months for each subject or is the time I spend with each subject my choice? For example, do I only have 2 weeks to learn about responsive web design or can I take as long as I want?

These are all my questions and, btw, sorry if i’m putting them in the wrong topic…

In advance thankful

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the curriculum is at, it is completely self paced, and the projects are on the honor system (you submit them when you feel they are good enough, and pass the provided test suite), but you can always ask for suggestions for improvement at the #project-feedback subforum

100% free, forever, including also the freecodecamp youtube channel and the publication at

the curriculum can give you a lot of knowledge, but the certificates are only for your own satisfaction - you will need to show what you can do by showing projects you have created yourself

  1. freeCodeCamp is structured around your own pace. You are the one that decides when it’s best to proceed to the next stage of the curriculum. There are no lessons or documentation required for the courses either. Each challenge has an in-code editor, along with a set task for that challenge. Your goal is to understand and complete the task. You should only move onto the next task after understanding why what you did to complete that task works.

  2. Yes, everything is free. Nothing requires payment. All certificates, courses and the curriculum is entirely free.

  3. As mentioned above, you go at your own pace. There are no limitations to how fast you can progress. It’s all about your willingness to learn and to take the time to understand new concepts without giving up, or losing hope. Just start with the curriculum and you’ll understand how it works. You can start right away here.

  4. You have as much time as you want. You are the one who chooses to progress or not, so you are able to decide when you are comfortable with what you have learned and when you are ready to move on. For example, you can take 3 months on responsive web design if you really wanted to. It’s all about teaching yourself and understanding concepts, not just completing stages.

Thanks, hope this helps.

Go ahead and check out the lessons on to see exactly how they are formatted. The main curriculum is all there. We also have a YouTube channel and a publication with extra material that you may be intersted in. There are no “documents that would eventually receive”, whatever that means. It’s all right there.

100% free. No advertisements. We are completely donation based, so you will sometimes see a “please consider donating”, but the only thing that donating gets you is a little icon on your profile (if you want it).
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If you look at the curriculum, you will see that each section ends in several “projects”. You complete these projects on your own, run the tests yourself, and then submit a link to your finished work. You immediately get credit for completing it.

Nothing is timed. You can do whatever parts you like at any time and in any order. I’ve been here for 6 years.

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