Elements on same line

So i’m working on legacy web design and my two elements are constantly on same line, i’ve made two different fieldsets and and in one moment they just become one and its drawing me crazy. Could someone please help how to solve this
Thank you in advance!

Hey! You should probably add the HTML and CSS of the project you’re working on here so its easier for others to help you.

It’s only a guess but it looks like you’re missing the closing select tag in your code. Try adding that and it should probably work.

Hope this helps! :smile:

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Thank you, this is my first post here so i didn’t know that.
Btw i starfed working on html(likr making a grid) and then i thought of working on css or should i work on both at same time?
I need to check with select tag but I’m sure that, that’s it. Thank you for comment and help.!

if you have at least a basic understanding of the most used tags like button, heading, lists and different kinds of inputs, then you should probably start working with CSS. If we’re specifically talking about creating grids and layouts, then you also need to know about semantic tags and you should also learn more about the div tag and when and why you would use it

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