Emet integration for disabled students?

Hey back end devs! Has anyone ever considered adding emet into FCC’s IDE? Of course this may be more difficult than I imagine it to be, but many of us use VS code or other IDE’s simply for access to Emet and VIM. Can we possibly make this easier for us? I know we can go through VS code, but I prefer the webapp. Does anyone have feedback on the doablity of this request? my best friend and i were just discussing helping her highly disabled son learn to code. He’d ROCK it, but he would need Emet to be efficient… surely, it can’t be THAT hard?

Apologies Miss Beatey, but it isn’t as simple as it seems to be. No disrespect for your friend’s son , of course. The FreeCodeCamp code editor is powered by a 3rd party editor from Microsoft. It’s called Monaco Editor. As of right now, Microsoft doesn’t plan to support Emmett.

Sorry about your luck Miss.

More on Microsoft’s decision not to add Emmett

P.S I don’t speak for the FreeCodeCamp staff, but this is my take on the issue. I wish the best of luck towards your friend’s son. Also, I don’t typically recommend shortcuts for writing code until they know what the lines it automatically prints out mean. There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning.

P.P.S Are you sure this is about your friend’s son and not about you?

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