Ending Curly Brace Not Working

It says that the very last ending tag is a mistake, but I’ve deleted it and even more errors popped up and I can’t see why there should be anything wrong. Please help :smiley:

function isEitherEvenOrAreBoth7(num1, num2) {
  if ((num1 % 2 = 0) || (num2 % 2 = 0)) {
      return "Even steven"
  } else if ((num1 == 7 && num2 == 7)) {
  return "7"
  // your code here

Do you have a link to the exercise? There is a comment here:
// your code here

It is, but you’d have to make an account to see it (I signed up for coding boot camp prep). I don’t want to know the answer (I want to figure that out on my own), but I really have no idea why that curly brace isn’t correct.

You are assigning 0 to num1 % 2. You need to check if num1%2 is 0. I can see your mistake and I’ve given a hint. Hope you can solve it now.