Enjoying FCC and it is helpful....but

Hi all, I’m enjoying using FCC and learning how to find my way around HTML and CSS. As I do the exercises I find I want to reference previous lessons to help me. There is the rub. I find that I have to ‘open in new tab’ find the lesson I want to reference and go there. Is there an easier way to do this? Often it is just to reference proper syntax. It is bothersome. Am I alone with this problem? Thanks Blackie

why reference from FCC when you can just google. For example if you need to do something with css display then just google “css display” and you get


w3schools and mozilla mdn are the two best places to reference syntax in my opinion. Some hate w3schools though so then you could just “css display mdn” if you want.

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Thanks Dusky, indeed it is what I often do indeed. I should bookmark a source where it is cleanly laid out to ref when needed. I’m sure in a while I’ll need it less. I don’t like the distraction of “hunting” when I’m in the middle of something.
Thank you again.

+1 for Mozilla’s MDN
This one ought’a do the job too: https://devdocs.io

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