Any other resources out there?

Hey! So I’m brand new to all this, and when I got to the portfolio page challenge the example looked pretty daunting. I didn’t know where to start so I cheated and looked at the example code. I don’t know if I skipped some lessons by mistake, but most of it looks unfamiliar to me.

My question - is there a good reference/resource out there I can look to to learn a little more before attempting this?

FCC guides you in order to be able to ask the correct questions, so that you can learn on your own. The easiest way is to look at the documentation and google stuff that you don’t understand. If you want to learn more CSS, google CSS documentation, and don’t be afraid of not understanding.

CSS: linktypeid%3A2 q%3Acss page%3A1 s%3Arelevance sa%3Atrue producttypeid%3A23

One of FCC’s biggest goals is to help you land a job, and Bootstrap is extremely in-demand. I had good luck with this series:

When the time comes to learn more about jQuery, this video is the BEST!

Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

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The basic projects can easily be completed with only HTML and CSS. However, it’s easier with HTML and Bootstrap. AND, it’s fancier with jQuery. But, I wouldn’t start playing with jQuery before watching the series I linked for you.