Error Certified generated- Remove request

I have a problem with the certifications generated.

Today I completed the certification of javascript developer, but unintentionally I clicked on the button to generate that of the frontend, which I had temporarily suspended (I had put the last steps as completed with a temporary link, but I did not really finish them).

I kindly ask you if you can revoke my Responsive Web Design Certification but to keep that javascript since I completed it correctly.

Welcome, alessiodimarco.

Could you please clarify what has happened?

This is what I have interpreted:

  • You have clicked Claim Certification on the Front End Libraries certification, without having completed the projects.
  • You want your Responsive Web Design certification revoked.
  • You want to keep the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification.

Yes it’s correct. I need to revoke the Front End Library. Only this. I will complete it in future, because now i need to learn other useful courses.

Essentially, you have 3 options:

  1. Leave everything as is. When you get to the projects, submit the correct URL, and from what I know the solution URL will be updated. You can confirm this on your profile settings.
  2. Send an email to asking them to kindly alter your account in the database. BE AWARE: support get many emails, and it might take a long time for them to get to your email, and they might not agree to do it. DO NOT spam the email address.
  3. Reset your progress. Everything will be wiped, but you can resubmit the projects you have done, and get the certifications.

Hope this helps.