"ES6: Write Higher Order Arrow Functions" is an assignment that is too complex in my opinion because

The step is too big. Suddenly you have to be able to make 30 mental logic steps with each other while previous tasks required a maximum of 5 - 10 mental logic steps.

The challenges in the curriculum get increasingly difficult as you go on. For one thing, the concepts become increasingly complex as you learn more about programming. On top of that, as a student of programming you need to build up the skills of navigating unamiliar territory. You are building skills related to understanding technical descriptions and requirements, identifying a problem, finding and using resources, and applying explanations to a different context.

Okay, thank you. I will not give up and take a look at it again.


I know that this can be extremely frustrating, but I think that when you’re frustrated and struggling is when the real learning happens. Programming is a bit like playing Calvinball and professional programmers are essentially paid to be frustrated a lot of the time, but as you grow over time that experience becomes something you know how to handle and move through.

Keep up the good work and happy coding!