Normal to be stuck this long?


So Im working my way through the JS section of freecodecamp. I made it throught the basics pretty easily but now its taking me a while to do each challenge in the ES6 section. Ive been stuck on this one for 4-5 hours over the past day and a half.

It’s taken me a second to research, grasp, and take notes on the higher order functions map(), fiter(), and reduce(). Just wondering if this is normal for most people. I know everyone is different and is at different spots in their learning curve but self-teaching makes it hard to grasp where Im at. Just curious…

Is it normal? Sure it is. Yes, this is going to keep getting harder. This is hard stuff - which is a good thing - it’s why this job pays well.

And add to that the fact that (last I checked) the ES6 section was rather poorly written. And something like higher order arrow functions are a bit of a cognitive leap.

Everyone has a different learning curve. Cut yourself some slack and just keep learning.

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For sure! I noticed right when I started the ES6 section i had to search for more things to fill in the blanks. It was such a leap I wondered if I had missed stuff from the basics section because its seemed there was a gap in my understanding. Im going to keep plugging away at it. Like I said, self learning makes it hard to
judge where Im at I guess. Thanks for the response!

I got stuck around where you are too (functional programming). What I’m doing is I’m pushing through a couple exercises and then skipping to the Front End Libraries Certification (it’s much easier) and then the next day I make sure I still understand the functional programming exercises I just did the day before and then repeat. This way I still feel like I"m making progress and I’m slowly covering what I consider to be the most difficult parts.

Thats a great idea. I find that if i can’t understand something, I give it a rest and when I come back the next day I understand it better. The problem is I don’t progress as fast as I’d like because I’m taking these breaks more often now that the material is harder. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try!

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Also, don’t be afraid to check other sources. Whatever confuses you, there’s probably a great blog post or youtube video on it.

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I’m with you. Currently nervous and I’m on the Functional Programming section. If I could make a recommendation, I picked up a fantastic book on JS off Amazon.

It’s called: “Javascript & JQuery” by Jon Duckett

While it was written a year before ES6 came out, and thus doesn’t have ES6 examples in it, it has helped me better understand how JS is going to be implemented on websites, and given me a better, more well-rounded education.

I’ve been through the same, just wanted you to know, and I’m also going through the same right now. It’s tough just know there are others suffering with you as we learn together.

Yeah, get info from every source you can. FCC is not meant to be comprehensive - it is a framework for learning.

Practice makes progress. Go at your own pace :slight_smile:

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Just to add to the recommendations so far, the one that helped me the most was the realisation that FCC wasn’t a degree course. It gives you lessons and has a great community, but success will only come with pairing your FCC learning with other resources.

There is an excellent free online JS manual called Eloquent JavaScript. It won’t be for everyone (it goes into a lot of detail and might be a tough read for people who are not fluent English readers), but it has been an great companion to the FCC JS course, and has filled in the theoretical blanks FCC leaves from time to time.

You can find it here:

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