Example of provided for personal Portfolio is deteriorating

The ‘Build a Personal Portfolio’ page here https://www.freecodecamp.com/challenges/build-a-personal-portfolio-webpage links to an example page. https://codepen.io/FreeCodeCamp/full/YqLyXB/

A few days ago, this example was OK, but now its images are all broken links.

As I saw it complete, it doesn’t prevent me working on mine, but it would be a problem for coders coming to this challenge for the first time.

Hey, the images work for me. Maybe it was just temporary, or are you still experiencing trouble with the images?

Still the same. If I ‘inspect’ to get the image source, I see it’s here:

If I put that line into the Chrome address bar, Chrome reports
This site can’t be reached
qlip.in refused to connect.

Strange, it works for me. So, I can’t really help. Maybe someone else has the same problem.

There were no pictures an hour ago. I can see them now.

I’ve noticed weeks ago that portfolio page sometimes has images, sometimes don’t.

Look what is on http://qlip.in/ landing page:

Yes I’m seeing everything back to normal now.

Thanks folks.