Personal Portfolio Web Page Not Loading

To complete my second project to build Personal Portfolio web page, page is not loading fully as browser says it insecure to load images on this page. I have tried with chrome, firefox and MS Edge.

Here is the result of result

It is possible that your image hosting site is causing this issue. Please try using other image hosting services such as Imgur which is also free and easy to use. Hope this helps.

I believe blocks websites that serve over HTTP and instead will only allow websites that served over HTTPS. This image link that you are trying to render is an using http instead of https

I’m talking about the page which freeCodeCamp has given in challenge to complete.

here is the link.

That website is no longer being hosted, thus you don’t see the image is loaded as it is no longer exist on the link provided

Could you show us your codepen?

I think he is asking about the example codepen provided by freecodecamp rather than his own codepen