Exercises keep showing as unfinished on completed projects

I have completed the first 2 JavaScript (beta) projects - RPG and Calorie Counter - but now they show as 96% and 93% complete, respectively. RPG is showing 52-57 as incomplete, and Calorie Counter is showing 25-27 & 35-37.

This is frustrating for obvious reasons. Is there a fix? Do I have to repeatedly re-do these exercises?

Same problem here. All completed projects are shown as if some challenges were not addressed.

Maybe it’s just a problem on the fCC DB.

(Calorie counter project)

Ahh, thanks for the screenshots. Makes me feel better knowing it’s a broader problem.

there was an update to the projects, you can ignore the new steps, or you can go back to complete them, it’s up to you

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As was mentioned earlier, there were updates made to the projects since the certification is still in beta. And there will continue to be updates made to those projects specifically.

The practice projects are optional for claiming the certification. Only the 5 certification projects count towards the certification.

So you do not need to redo those steps if you understand the concepts.


Thanks for the explanation and clarification.