Project I completed keeps reverting to incomplete

I noticed that one of the projects I completed is showing as incomplete - but it’s not the final steps showing as not done, it’s ones in the middle of the project. Steps 1-6 are blue, Steps 7-10 show as not done yet, and steps 11-24 show as complete. This project was previously showing as completely done and checked off but when I signed back in after a couple days absence it had this issue. I can fix it by just going back and doing those “missing” steps again, but this is the third or fourth time this has happened to me and it’s super annoying. I finish something, then when I go back in later it shows that I didn’t do random steps from the middle of the project.

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It is important to note: The curriculum is under constant development. That is, challenges are changed and added all the time. So, it is likely those steps were added/changed.

That being said, if this is the third or fourth time this has happened with those specific challenges, then there might be something buggy at play. Is it always steps 7 through 10 of the Flexbox project this happens to you on?

Try maybe recompleting your steps from the first step until the last one that is incomplete.

There have been changes made to this challenge which seems to correspond to the steps in question.

As said, it will keep happening when challenges are updated to have new content. Your best bet is to finish that section and claim the certification. That way you shouldn’t have to update anything after that (unless you want to).

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Also just to clarify: The challenges are not required to claim a certification - just the 5 Certification Projects.

True. It doesn’t really matter if you complete the other sections I guess.

How it is set up has practical uses and makes sense, but also is a bit weird as it makes copying/pasting your way to the certificates easier, that is if you are willing to bank on not getting caught doing so (i.e. cheating). But I guess we can’t have it both ways.

Thank you - I was vaguely aware of that and I’ll keep it in mind when I get to some of the certifications involving things I know (like most of the Python-based ones) but I am trying to work through all the projects in the areas that are new to me, like web design, in order to grow/practice skills. Also, the completionist in me doesn’t like to see things left unchecked. :grin:

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