Project steps disappear, shows projects incomplete

Although I am currently working on Javascript, this has occurred throughout my freeCodeCamp journey. I will complete a project, then when I return to work on others several of the steps in completed projects disappear. I eventually have to go back and redo them to complete certification.

Anything I can do to prevent this??

Hi @WarriorWebWorx

There was an update to the beta curriculum, and additional steps were added to some of the practice projects.

If you feel confident in your learning pathway, feel free to ignore the extra steps. If you want a refresher, then consider completing the extra steps.

Only the five certification projects in the beta JS course count towards obtaining the certificate.

Happy coding

@Teller, thank you for your reply! Curious, were the additions made very recently? Seems to have just popped up. To be clear, the “certification projects” are the only ones we have to complete to get the certificate, correct?

As always, the forum community has been great! Thank you!

Yes, only those projects matter to get the certification

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Thank you sir! much appreciated