Explaining Chapter 6 of Eloquent JavaScript

I tried to explain the example in chapter 6 of Eloquent JavaScript. https://github.com/fhdhsni/The-Secret-Life-of-Objects
I did this mostly for myself but I also hope it help other newbies like myself. I wish we could get together and do the same for all the chapters.
Pull requests are welcome.

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@fhdhsni Im very interested, I just started reading Eloquent JS, but I have re read the first four chapters twice! What gets to me Is I cant do the exercises, I try to not be hard on myself I only been coding since July and I finished FCC JS track and Im 80% done with codecademy’s. I dont expect to be a master of JS at this point but I would like to understand it more and how to implement it into my webpages. I see the power of it and how it changes so much in your HTML and CSS, Im just trying to learn how to harness the power of this lightning bolt if you catch my drift. I was actually coming to this section to make a thread about Eloquent JS, but a newbie like myself that’s working through the exact same chapter im on who wants to study it is perfect! We need to skype sometime, send me a PM