Export code from Codepen to Github

Hi everyone
I want to export my code from code-pen to GitHub but the JavaScript file doesn’t work when I save it like a zip. The html and the css file work correctly only the JavaScript doesn’t work.
I can only save the code like “Save as GitHub Gist” but It’s not the way I want it.
This is some link of my code https://codepen.io/tomcolby/pen/VzzYQO
Would you help me please because I want to save all of my code on GitHub?

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Did you save the Javascript file as a .js file? You could use the terminal to push it to GitHub. Like this:


No! I’m gonna try and I let you know. Thanks!

I’ve never had a problem with this. When I go to the lower right corner and do export->export-to-zip, it always works. I get a zip file that unzips to the following structure:

├── css/
│   └── style.css
├── js/
│   └── index.js
├── index.html
├── license.txt
└── README.txt
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My mine appear like this.
And the others.

That’s quite odd. Are you saying that style.css had no file extension? The same with index.js? If not, I would definitely add them.

If you look in the index.html, it will tell you exactly where it is expecting to find those files and what name/extension it is expecting.

The other thing I would suggest is opening your browser console. There is a good chance there is an error message in there that will tell us what is happening.

Hi Kevin,

I’m currently learning how to use GitHub and in the process of preparing for applying to a coding Bootcamp so I need to transfer my code from on Codepen.io to GitHub. You instructions worked perfectly.

Astra Rai