FAVICONS web dev: adding favicons into google results, basic? advance? expert?..? how to know...?

1 ) this adds ‘favicons’ to google results

2 ) all chrome ext are open source i think? i dont know what’s the main way to see the code or if you need an ext like this one to see the code, or maybe the ext jsut makes it easier to see the code?

why is it that you cant just copy the css code in the favicon ext

3 ) and put it into a css thing

4 ) is there some js in that favicon ext or something? could you just put the js code into a js thing? and then it works?

is there anything that could be put into either the css or js thing so taht adding favicons into google results could work ?

do you need both css and js code to do that? is there an extension where you can add both css and js code? or can you add both css & js into the violentmonkey ext?

what do you need to know to add favicons into google results? is there a lot of things to know?

what kind/type of code is the favicon extension using? and what exactly is it doing?

isn’t there a simpler way? for regular ppl to do something as simple as adding ‘favicons’ to google results ?

im so confused by all this stuff

anyone knows about favicons?? ?

please recommend a better site with users ppl taht would know in case nobody knows, THANKS

Favicons are just images. If you look at your tab of this browser there should be an icon representing the website. That’s all it is.

This isn’t a support forum for Stylus.

Also google has a favicon. It’s in the top left in the tabs. That’s a favicon.

Don’t understand what you want to do here.