FCC Build a Personal Portfolio Project

Hey, guys!
Just finished my portfolio!
I’d love to hear any critiques or comments about it/ my code. Really looking to learn here.
Did anyone else have a hard time getting an element to center directly in the middle of a div?

Just noticed that inside the forum it shows a large gap on the right side of my portfolio.
This did not appear in the editor(codepen) when I was creating the page.
Is this how it really looks or is this just something to do with the little app?
any info? Did I do something wrong? Thank you.

It’s only showing up like that in the embedded version, not full screen. I like it. You may want to set it up in such a way it resizes with the screen. Some of the content on your page isn’t falling backing on scale when the view port is small.

I tried changing all the (px) into (em), but that messed up my whole page. I’m not really sure why that happened. any ideas? Was that not the right solution to this problem?


EDIT: Insert that in your head tag