FCC editor issues

I just came back after about a week to complete some more challenges, but the editor is suddenly all messed up. It doesn’t put the cursor where I click, it randomly skips lines when I use the up and down keys, it randomly skips half of a line when I use left and right, etc.

I’m using Firefox 48.0.2 on a Windows 10 Desktop.

Update: the problem goes away once I change my browser’s zoom level to 90% and back to 100%, but it’s a little annoying and unnecessary to have to do this on every new challenge.

I’m having the same problem in Chrome 53.0.2785.113 on Win 7 Ent. If I click in the editor and start typing, the cursor hops down a line or two which jacks up syntax elsewhere. It’s a small pain right now.

I’m also having the same issue on 53.0.2785.101 m Win 8. Every time I have to press Enter key to locate the cursor and then move it to a proper place.

I’m finding it only starts happening after about 20 lines of code.

I updated this known issue: https://github.com/FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp/issues/10167

Not sure if it will help.

This is a known issue at: https://github.com/FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp/issues/7847

It’s difficult to fix because the editor was not created by freeCodeCamp and is maintained by one person. You can read more and suggest workarounds in the issue above.


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Hmm, isn’t it slightly disconcerting that FCC uses a 3rd-party addon that is maintained by 1 person for such an integral part of their website?