My Cursor keeps going to odd spots when I try to code

For some reason, my cursor isn’t responding normally when I try to do the lessons I use Microsoft Edge for my browser, and it seems to work fine everywhere else, but when I do the lessons. The current example I can give is I’m trying to do the Cat Photto app lesson 45, and my cursor lands right in the middle of the word “Indoor” when I’m trying to get to the end of the code. I would really appreciate some help with this issue

It is a known bug.

The only “fix” I know of so far is to use Firefox as it seems to be affecting all chromium-based browsers.

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Came to report and found this, it’s a nightmare to use the editor like this hahaha!

Good it’s not happening on Firefox, hope it will be fixed soon.


Alternative quick fix:
Have Visual Studio Code or any editor open and do the typing in there. Then copy and paste into the input area. Make the usual index.html and styles.css files in a folder, then do each section in whichever file the lesson is dealing with.

I generally use Chrome and noticed recently that the layout/styling of the website changed very slightly recently, which appears to coincide with this bug arising.

A normal (soft) page refresh also seems to fix this.

The bug seems to happen if you jump to a challenge URL directly, or if you do a hard page refresh.

The cursor position in the editor CSS is off between the two and so is the amount of pixels the cursor moves between arrow key presses. So it is totally possible that this is a CSS issue. It is just odd that it seems to only affect Chromium browsers on Windows.

I use chrome but was having the same issue but found out that setting the page to 90% realigned the cursor. hope that helps

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