This issue hasn't been fixed for months and its annoying

The dreadful cursor problem on the editor, am using chrome browser and whenever i click on

for example:

input type=“text” placeholder=“cat photo URL” required

when i click my cursor at d in required it shows the cursor at h in photos and when i use my keyboard to use the cursor around it doesnt move to the right side likes something blocking its way, been having this problem in many tutorials now cant progress and making learning using freecodecamp unbearable

Is this only a problem on one exercise or does it happen frequently?

“been having this problem in many tutorials”

Experienced this a couple of times, also have had issues with rendering. Just reloaded page to fix.

Could be a bug. Have you reported this? Exiting the browser and reloading the page. If it doesn’t help, switch between a few tabs and access the input fields you find there. Then, return to the buggy page and try again. It works most times for me.