Fcc form project

Hi campers, here is my take on the responsive web design survey form project. I am posting this mainly for comparison sake. But if you have any feedback I would like to hear your opinions also. Thanks, and happy coding! https://codepen.io/centawr/pen/qMVVWr/

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dont put anything inside your label tags other than text. no input tags or anything else. you used <small> the way you should have used <label>. wrap your label and input tags with a div instead.

use comments so that other people know what code does what.

make your code look as neat as you possibly can. yours is super messy right now.

great work with the CSS though

Thanks for the response. Yes the code is very messy right now, i’ll keep working on it. Is there any reason not to wrap the inputs within the label tag? This article seem to say it is acceptable. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/label

i guess not. ive never really seen it done like that before. personal preference I guess

i think it looks more readable if you put it outside the label tag, especially after you format the code (eg. with Tidy Js in code-pen), it looks a lot more compact and readable. it doesn’t break the input attributes into multiple lines

updated survey form project https://codepen.io/centawr/pen/PdaQyY/

looks a lot better. might want t o play with the padding a bit to make the form look a little cleaner. nice work though man. keep it up

Thanks for the feedback!