FCC product landing page help

I’m kinda stuck here, any advice would be highly appreciated…

Perhaps try to make the navigation bar more responsive by using a hamburger menu? Also, I recommend using the javascript scrollTo() function instead of the anchor links. It provides subtle animation and makes sure the navigation bar doesn’t cover any content.


what’s a hamburger menu?

if you add the FCC testing JS (https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/v1/bundle.js) to your pen you will see that there are two things are missing. First is the header ID and the navigation bar. Do you need help with those or with something else?

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The nav bar isn’t flexing the way I want it for smaller media queries…

Mate I don’t see any media queries set for the navbar. How do you want it to look like on smaller screen? Have you tried some bootstrap classes? https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.3/components/navbar/

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I want it to flex in a row, I haven’t tried bootstrap yet but I will now! Thank you so much for the link, I’m gonna practice on it then try again!