FCC: Product Landing Page (SOG)

Just finished this project and would love some feedback. I had fun with this design but I’m not really a fan of the navbar so I might come back soon and try to change the style when it scrolls. At the moment, I don’t have the competence in JS to achieve that though. I also wanted to use the video tag but it was giving me a CORS/CORB error so I went with the iframe instead. :expressionless: Of course, all feedback is welcome. Thanks everyone.

Link: https://codepen.io/traekwells/full/WPVgPQ



Make a hamburger nav bar for mobile and take out the padding of the body for desktop!


Thanks for the input. I’m not going to put the nav menu in a hamburger menu because I feel they’re far too overused. Also, I don’t think the space these 3 buttons take up is too overwhelming.

I like the 2rem of padding on the body so I’m going to keep but that did make me realized that I should take the padding off on mobile screens.

Thanks again. Cheers.