FCC Project Feed Back - Jimi Hendrix Tribute Page

Hello Freecodecampers!

I would appreciate any feedback you may have for my first tribute page.


Thank you! :smile:

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@mellowamadeus Excellent! The purple theme is repeated on the top and bottom to pull the design together. Your font selection fits the page nicely. Great usage of the background image, it does not distract use from the main image in the center. I only suggest bolding the two links directly below the picture of Jimmy, they look like they are on the thin side. Great job!

Thanks @brandon_wallace! Appreciate you taking the take to look at my site. I’ll adjust the links in the figure caption so they stand out a little more.

@mellowamadeus Love the use of colour and font, as well as the button to bring you back to the top!
Something I noticed (especially because I often use low brightness screens) is that the black text on the bottom on the purple text is quite hard to read - looking the contrast ratio up gives a value of 1.67 (which is far below the WCAG 2.0 minimum of 4.5!) I’m not sure how you would fix this without compromising your colour scheme, but something to keep in mind for your next projects?

This project was very well done. I like the color scheme and the reponsivness.

  1. Your #title div is unreponsive. The title is not 100% of the width on smaller screens.
  2. Your .brandIcons is also unreponsive. The icons are static and should stack to conform for smaller screens.
  3. The purple and black color footer color scheme is not that good. The text is hard to read. Try a lighter purple color.


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