FCC Survey Form Review

Hello all,

Here is my survey form. Please let me know what you think and how I can improve it.

Thank you all for the imput!


I like the surfing theme! I also like the font.

Your radio buttons and checkboxes are kind of awkwardly placed. I think they should be level with the label text. Right now they are placed higher which looks weird. Same thing for the text of the buttons themselves in relation to the buttons.

Instead of having that “Enter your story here…” pre-typed into the textarea (which the user would annoyingly have to delete for themselves when using the form), make it a placeholder text so it disappears when the user starts typing there.

Similarly for the drop down menus, you can have a placeholder like “Select One” or something so that one of the real options doesn’t have to be selected for the user. It might take some researching about <select> and <option> elements, but you can do it!

Hope this helps.

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