Survey Form Feedback Request

Would be grateful if anyone could tell me if there is anything wrong with my survey form.


Good job!

I would suggest few things.

Consider adding colons after your texts before input fields unless they are questions.
Give radio buttons and checkboxes spaces between each other so they are not so clustered together.
Give some space between textarea and submit button.
Shorten submit form by changing it to submit.
Give your button hover effect like cursor change and text color change.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice.


@shimphillip agreed. Also, make all of the text, and the submit button, smaller. Now, it’s too in-your-face. Not enough padding. Great job, though.

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It looks good, but your questions are super random! LOL.
Leg Size Measurements to opion of online surveys to are you indecisive! LOL.
A survey should have an overall theme.
BTW I am super indecisive took me 2 hours just to think of what questions I wanted to add.

I would suggest adding a placeholder text for the textarea element. Great page otherwise.